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Special Report: Transforming Healthcare -- A Quiet Revolution

March 31, 2015

Rx: A Quiet Revolution

An Interview With Cardiologist Turned Documentary Producer Jennifer Mieres
Bob Harrington interviews Jennifer Mieres about the PBS documentaries Rx: The Quiet Revolution and Rx: Doctors of Tomorrow, on innovative models for practicing and teaching patient-centered care.

Expert Reviews

Primary Care Models: Not One Size Fits All
Dr Reid Blackwelder provides his reaction to the PBS documentary and the key messages he derives from this depiction of primary care.

Healthcare As It Is, or As We Want It to Be?
Professor of medicine Mark Williams reflects on the meaning of healthcare models shown in the PBS short film.

A PCMH Model That Works
Brad Fox, MD, a practicing family physician, reflects on the success of the PCMH depicted in an Alaskan practice described in the PBS film.

Transforming Primary Care, One House Call at a Time
Kenneth Lin, MD, discusses how a new documentary demonstrates the value of house calls in primary care, and why they should be reimbursed for that value.

Diabetes in the Delta: Helping Patients Meet Goals
Dr Dace Trence reviews an upcoming PBS documentary that addresses a Mississippi program for diabetes patients.

Rx: The Quiet Revolution: Heart and Soul Meet Modern Medicine
After so many doom-and-gloom healthcare documentaries, Seth Bilazarian is pleasantly surprised to find Rx: The Quiet Revolution to be both representative of his experience and insightful.

Healthcare Is a Team Sport; Nurses Are Key Players
Ken Miller, president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, explains how healthcare has also become a team effort, as highlighted by the PBS documentary.

Transforming Medical Education

Emotional Education in PBS's Rx: Doctors of Tomorrow
Medical student Alexa Mieses reviews the PBS documentary Rx: Doctors of Tomorrow. The program focuses on an innovative medical school that highly values empathy and emotional experience.

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Editor's Note

Medscape experts preview the documentaries Rx: The Quiet Revolution and Rx: Doctors of Tomorrow, airing on PBS on April 2 (check your local listings. Reflecting on his physician father's practice and the move away from hands-on care in contemporary medicine, director David Grubin, highlights a range of innovative practice models from Maine to Alaska. The aim is to spark a positive dialogue on changes in healthcare. Let us know whether you think they succeeded.
- Laurie Scudder, Editor, Medscape Family Medicine