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Special Report: MOC -- Just Say No?

January 15, 2015


The Recertification Process: Insulting and Irrelevant
Dr Mandrola interviews Dr Jay Schloss on his recent experience of getting recertified in cardiology and the maintenance-of-certification debacle.

Physicians Are Outraged Despite ABIM Apology for MOC Mess
When the American Board of Internal Medicine had second thoughts about changing its maintenance of certification requirements, it ignited a firestorm of criticism. See what your colleagues had to say.

Three Thoughts on the ABIM Reversal—and a Message to the ACC
Dr John Mandrola reflects on the power of social media and the internet to effect real change and how this should prompt other organizations to deeply review their business-as-usual ways.

An Interview With Maintenance of Certification Dissenter Paul Teirstein
Bob Harrington interviews Paul Teirstein about his petition against MOC and his proposed solution for lifelong physician learning.

Recertification: There Has to Be a Better Way
Seth Bilazarian appeals for efficiencies in the recertification process after completing his 10th board exam.

Call Time-out for the ABIM MOC Mandate
Dr John Mandrola voices doubt on the value of the maintenance of certification process.

ABIM CV Recertification Exams: I Passed! Free at Last!
Studying for the 2013 Cardiovascular Recertification Board Exams made her a better cardiologist and her life hell. Share the process with Dr. Melissa Walton-Shirley.


ABIM on MOC: "We Got it Wrong"
The American Board of Internal Medicine acknowledged flaws and announced changes to maintenance of certification.

2015 MOC Standards Reflect Feedback, Fail to Stem Critics
Two perspectives in this week's New England Journal of Medicine highlight the deep divisions among physicians: Supporters say MOC is necessary; critics call it busywork.

AMA Sings Same Tune as MOC Critics
The group's House of Delegates said maintenance of certification should be evidence-based, relevant to clinical practice, and not impose prohibitive costs or interfere with patient care.

Focus Groups Say MOC Has Little Benefit for Doctors, Patients
The concept is good, physicians agreed, but the execution has resulted in an expensive, onerous process that does not align with everyday practices.

ABIM Budges on Maintenance of Certification Program
Striking a humbler tone in the face of physician blowback, the American Board of Internal Medicine said it would ease up on several financial and course work requirements for MOC.

MOC Shock: ABIM Program Signs Up Most Docs
Some 150,000 physicians boarded by the ABIM and its subspecialty arms enrolled in its controversial maintenance of certification program by the May 1 deadline.

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Editor's Note

Lifelong learning is part and parcel of good doctoring, so when the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) launched its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program, it did not anticipate the outcry from physicians, who deemed the process costly, cumbersome, and lacking in relevance. Cardiologist Paul Teirstein was so frustrated that he started a petition. Check out these interviews and commentaries in addition to our news stories on the issue.
- Tricia Ward, Editorial Director, | Medscape Cardiology