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Special Report: Clinician-Patient Survey Reveals a Mix of Harmony and Discord

September 22, 2014

Docs Willing to Share Medical Practice With Patients? Sort Of
A Medscape and WebMD survey reveals the thoughts of patients and clinicians on how technology is affecting the practice of medicine, and how involved patients should be in their own healthcare.

Topol on Doc, Patient Harmony and Discord on Digital Medicine
Medscape Editor-in-Chief Eric J. Topol, MD, shares highlights of a new clinician/patient survey on DIY digital diagnosing, sharing medical records, radiation risks, and more.

Physicians, Patients Embrace Technology in Medicine
Technology is quickly changing many aspects of medicine; these changes are being embraced by many patients and physicians alike, a new WebMD/Medscape survey has found.

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Editor's Note

Medscape and WebMD surveyed clinicians and patients recently on such topics as the use of digital technology in healthcare, how involved patients should be in their own medical care, who owns patient records, whether doctors’ notes should be shared, and EHR privacy. The results were intriguing as responses showed surprising areas where clinicians and patients are clearly united, as well as where they’re decidedly divided.
– Marrecca Fiore, Editorial Director, Medscape