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Special Report: Women's Health Initiative -- The Trial That Keeps on Giving

July 8, 2014


Naproxen CV Safety vs Ibuprofen Challenged in WHI Analysis
Common perceptions about the CV safety of NSAIDs took a hit in a Women's Health Initiative study, but not everyone agrees with it.

Pricey WHI Trial Paid Off in Reduced CVD, Cancer Costs
Researchers estimate that $260 million was money well spent on a 2002 study of combined hormone therapy to prevent CVD. Cost savings in cancers and CVD averted have been in the billions.


Lessons From the WHI, Part 1: Hormone Therapy
In part 1 of Dr. Black's interview with Dr. Rebecca Jackson, they review the landmark Women's Health Initiative findings on hormone therapy.

Lessons From the WHI, Part 2: Calcium, Vitamin D, and Low-Fat Diet
In part 2 of Dr. Black's interview with Dr. Rebecca Jackson, they discuss the calcium and vitamin D supplementation and dietary modification trials.

Investing in Clinical Research for the Public Good
The NHLBI's Dr. Michael Lauer on investing in clinical research and lessons from WHI.

Lessons From the WHI, Part 3: Cost-Effectiveness
Drs. Black and Jackson discuss a new cost analysis that demonstrates the value of the WHI hormone therapy study.

JoAnn Manson: Take-Home Points From the WHI Hormone Therapy Trials
How should findings from the latest Women's Health Initiative trials inform your clinical decision-making? Dr. JoAnn Manson explains.

Lessons From the WHI, Part 4: The Trial That Keeps on Giving
Dr. Rebecca Jackson tells Dr. Black the many ways that the landmark WHI has contributed to science and health.

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Editor's Note

First criticized as costly and unnecessary, the Women's Health Initiative trials ended up changing practice. Review the findings with investigators Drs. Black, Jackson, and Manson, and read a Q&A with the NHLBI's Dr. Michael Lauer about investing in clinical research.
- Tricia Ward, Editorial Director, | Medscape Cardiology