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Special Report: Antimicrobial Resistance -- Time for Change

June 27, 2014; Updated: June 3, 2015


Obama Takes Antibiotics Fight From Pharmacy to Farm
The FDA has announced it will remove human antibiotics from livestock feed by the end of 2016. The White House rallied the public and private sectors behind its campaign to curb antibiotic resistance.

Dying From C diff: Who Is Most Vulnerable?
A new CDC study shows that the risk for C difficile infection and death increases with age.

CDC Head Answers Your Questions on Antibiotic Resistance
When the Antibiotic Resistance National Action Plan was announced, our readers had many concerns and questions. We asked CDC Director Tom Frieden for answers.

President Obama on the Antibiotic Resistance National Action Plan
President Obama speaks with Medscape about the details of the national plan to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

White House Releases Action Plan on Antibiotic Resistance
The call to action sets 5-year goals to help ensure appropriate use and encourage development of new diagnostics and therapies.

Turning the Tide Against Inappropriate Antibiotics
We seem to be fulfilling Alexander Fleming's direst worry, but do people really think about the greater good when prescribing antibiotics?

Antibiotic Overuse in Kids: Lessons Learned
What are some of the reasons that antibiotics are overused in kids? Dr. Zaoutis explores lessons learned from Medscape's recent member survey.


Too Many Antibiotics! Patients and Prescribers Speak Up
The critical problem of antibiotic misuse and consequent resistance is well documented. But who's responsible? Patients? Prescribers? This survey looks at the problem from both perspectives.

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing? Some Clinicians Resistant
One in 10 clinicians who prescribe antibiotics without clinical certainty said the drug 'won't hurt if not needed' in a WebMD/Medscape survey. Such a belief helps promote antibiotic resistance.

Reader Poll: Do You Stray From Appropriate Antibiotic Rx?
A significant minority of clinicians have antibiotic prescribing habits that worsen antibiotic resistance, according to a new WebMD/Medscape survey. How do you rate?


Don't Give In and Give Those Antibiotics!
In this video commentary from the CDC, Dr. Lauri Hicks provides hints for busy practitioners on how to avoid overprescribing antibiotics.

8 Ways to Deal With Antibiotic Resistance
What can we do to catch up with Europe in resolving the crisis of antibiotic resistance?

Antimicrobial Resistance: The Big Picture
A new report is the first to classify drug-resistant organisms according to level of concern.

Landmark CDC Report Details Threat of 'Postantibiotic Era'
Healthcare providers, agricultural stakeholders, and pharmaceutical companies must work together to eliminate the threat of antibiotic resistance.

CDC: Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work
The educational tools provided by the CDC are designed to help patients learn about antibiotic resistance and appropriate antibiotic use.

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Editor's Note

Antimicrobial resistance is an enormous problem. CDC's Tom Frieden points out that while "we talk about the pre-antibiotic era and the antibiotic era, if we are not careful, we will be in a post-antibiotic era." What changes do you need to make in your everyday practice to avoid a post-antibiotic era?
- Susan Yox, Editorial Director, Medscape Infectious Diseases