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Special Report: Testosterone Therapy -- Risks and Benefits

February 19, 2014


"T"errific or "T"errible? A Review of Testosterone Deficiency
Is 'low T' a disease or a normal physiologic state? And does it matter?

When Men Want Testosterone, Show Them the Evidence
Extra 'T' might make men feel better, but there is a significant downside.

Is Healthcare Shaped by Industry? Of Course It Is
Healthcare today is undeniably intertwined with industry. The challenge is to keep it professional and patient-centered.

Putting the 'T'rouble in Testosterone Therapy?
A new study finds higher risk for cardiovascular disease and mortality associated with the treatment of 'low T.'


Endocrine Society Calls for Longer, Larger Studies on Testosterone
Don't prescribe testosterone to older men for age-related declines if they have a history of cardiovascular disease, says the US Endocrine Society.

Testosterone Testing, Treatment Soar Despite Uncertainties
Amid heavy direct-to-consumer marketing of testosterone supplements in the US, testosterone test results are more commonly normal there compared with the United Kingdom, where such ads are prohibited.

FDA Now Investigating CVD Risks With Testosterone Therapy
The investigations emerges after two studies, including one published this week, highlight the risk of serious adverse cardiovascular events among men treated with the FDA-approved testosterone therapies.

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Editor's Note

Ads for testosterone deficiency, or "low T," are a staple on television. Prescription rates have soared. But are the benefits outweighed by the risks?
- Laurie Scudder, Editorial Director, Medscape Family Medicine