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International Stroke Conference (ISC) 2014

February 12 - 14, 2014; San Diego, California

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Meeting Highlights at a Glance

  • Top News From ISC 2014: Slideshow Top News From ISC 2014: Slideshow Highlights of this year's conference include results from the eagerly awaited FAST-MAG trial, as well as results from CRYSTAL-AF, ICARO-3, URICO-ICTUS, and more.

Conference News

    • ISC TARGET: STROKE Cuts Door-to-Needle Time, Improves Outcomes New data from the quality improvement program confirm that reducing the time from hospital arrival to administration of thrombolysis is safe and linked to less bleeding, better outcomes in stroke.
    • ISC tPA Could Be Cost-Effective in Mild Stroke A new cost-effectiveness analysis suggests that tPA will be good value in mild stroke if it is shown to work in this population in larger studies.
    • ISC Few Receive Best Acute Stroke Care Despite Good Access More than 80% of people in the US live within an hour's drive of a hospital that is able to give tPA, but only 4% of patients with acute stroke actually receive such treatment, a new study shows.
    • ISC TCD Bests TEE for Diagnosis of PFO Transcranial Doppler saline studies are better than transesophageal echo at finding patent foramen ovale after cryptogenic stroke, and may allow risk stratification to guide management.
    • ISC CRYSTAL-AF: Monitor Detects AF in Cryptogenic Stroke AF is one of the most important risk factors for stroke, and such monitoring could bring about a significant reduction in recurrent stroke rates.
    • ISC Postpartum Thrombosis Risk Persists at Least 12 Weeks This is twice as long as previously recognized, although the absolute increase in risk in the 6- to 12-week period is low, new data show.
    • ISC Endovascular Therapy vs tPA in Cervical ICA Stroke Results of a case-control study show similar efficacy, higher ICH, and reduced mortality with endovascular therapy vs intravenous thrombolysis in patients with acute cervical ICA occlusion.

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