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Special Report: Is HIPAA a Help or Hindrance?

Is HIPAA Creating More Problems Than It's Preventing?
HIPAA creates its share of issues, although some of those problems are due to overzealous risk managers bending over backward to avoid infractions.

Common Myths About HIPAA
Learn how to separate myth from fact when it comes to HIPAA and patient privacy.

Deadline for Updating HIPAA Privacy Notice Is Sept. 23
The 'Notice of Privacy Practices' now must inform patients, among other things, about their right to have information withheld from insurers when they pay for a service out of pocket.

3 Key Things You Need to Do With Your EHR in Coming Months
New meaningful use, security, and coding requirements are expensive deadlines for EHR users to miss. Here's what you need to do to make your dates.

Should Doctors Reveal Public Figures' Health Details?
Can an elected official keep the details of his or her health issues private? The public may be clamoring to know, but do they have that right? A leading bioethicist shares his thoughts.

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Editor's Note

There has been considerable concern about HIPAA since it was enacted in 1996 and the Privacy Rule was tacked on in 2003. A recent JAMA editorial questioned how HIPAA will deal with mobile medical devices (mHealth). Calls for repealing this law have been made more frequently. I asked our Medscape team to do a "deep dive" into the impact and current status of HIPAA. The accompanying feature by Neil Chesanow is outstanding and sets the record straight on many of HIPAA's myths, its misuse, and ways to work around it. -- Eric Topol, MD, Medscape Editor-in-Chief