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Future of Genomic Medicine (FoGM) VI

March 07 - 08, 2013; La Jolla, California

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Expert Commentaries

The Tipping Point: Recognizing the Value of Genomic Medicine
Dr. Howard Jacob considers what it will take for genomic medicine to move more fully into routine clinical practice.

Genomic Data Abound -- Are We Prepared to Use Them?
Dr. Atul Butte considers the extraordinary strides made in amassing genomic data and the challenges ahead in knowing how to use them effectively.

Balancing the Power of Genomics With the Hippocratic Oath
Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann considers the powerful implications of genomic medicine -- and the importance of recognizing its effects on individual patients.

Integrating Genomics Into Clinical Practice: Still a Ways to Go
Dr. Stephen Kingsmore looks at how far we've come -- and how much further we need to go -- to integrate genomics into clinical practice.

Quantifying and Qualifying Mutations: We're on Our Way
Dr. George Church considers how new ways to assess genetic mutations will affect our understanding of their clinical relevance.

Genome Sequencing Is Better, Cheaper, Faster -- Are We Ready?
Dr. Lukas Wartman considers the progress being made in genome sequencing and the challenges in bringing these technologies to the clinic.

Genomics: Sharpening the Cutting Edge of Medicine
Dr Eric Topol considers how the future of medicine and the future of genomics will change clinical practice.

Scaling Up, Digging Deeper: Next Steps for Genomics
Dr. David Goldstein considers how a better understanding of biology and a broader approach to sequencing will clear the way for advances in genomics.

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