Most Would Prefer to Be Buried in a Cardboard Box

Medscape Staff

April 19, 2023

Two thirds of Americans would "rather be buried in a cardboard box" than have their family overspend on a funeral, according to results of a poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Titan Casket.

What to Know

  • The cost of a typical funeral usually falls between $7000 and $12,000, but most people underestimate that by more than half.

  • One in three (31%) said they'd want their funeral to be as "cheap as possible," and two thirds thought that paying for a cardboard box was preferable to an expensive casket.

  • An estimated 81% of whom reported giving at least "some thought" to what their memorial service will be like one day, with twice as many people saying they would prefer a "massive" turnout for their services as opposed to an "intimate" one.

  • Fifty-nine percent of all respondents want to actively participate in planning their own funeral service; 11% have already started, and 3 in 4 (73%) said they'd consider prepaying for and reserving a casket ahead of time to save money.

  • More Americans have helped to plan funerals (77%) than weddings (60%), baby showers (61%), or sweet 16 birthdays (45%).

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