Mannitol for Prevention of Acute Kidney Injury After Liver Transplantation

A Randomized Controlled Trial

Moataz Maher Emara; Doaa Galal Diab; Amr Mohamed Yassen; Maha A. Abo-Zeid


BMC Anesthesiol. 2022;22(393) 

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Sample Size Calculation

A pilot study was performed using the control [saline (S)] group and found a 60% incidence rate of early AKI within 48 h of LDLT. About 39 patients were required in each group to demonstrate an absolute 50% decrease in the incidence rate of AKI after using mannitol assuming α = 0.05 and β = 0.2 (80% power) and using the chi-squared test. A total of 42 patients were required in each group to allow for subject dropout.