The Association of age at Menarche and Adult Height With Mammographic Density in the International Consortium of Mammographic Density

Sarah V. Ward; Anya Burton; Rulla M. Tamimi; Ana Pereira; Maria Luisa Garmendia; Marina Pollan; Norman Boyd; Isabel dos-Santos-Silva; Gertraud Maskarinec; Beatriz Perez-Gomez; Celine Vachon; Hui Miao; Martín Lajous; Ruy López-Ridaura; Kimberly Bertrand; Ava Kwong; Giske Ursin; Eunjung Lee; Huiyan Ma; Sarah Vinnicombe; Sue Moss; Steve Allen; Rose Ndumia; Sudhir Vinayak; Soo-Hwang Teo; Shivaani Mariapun; Beata Peplonska; Agnieszka Bukowska-Damska; Chisato Nagata; John Hopper; Graham Giles; Vahit Ozmen; Mustafa Erkin Aribal; Joachim Schüz; Carla H. Van Gils; Johanna O. P. Wanders; Reza Sirous; Mehri Sirous; John Hipwell; Jisun Kim; Jong Won Lee; Caroline Dickens; Mikael Hartman; Kee-Seng Chia; Christopher Scott; Anna M. Chiarelli; Linda Linton; Anath Arzee Flugelman; Dorria Salem; Rasha Kamal; Valerie McCormack; Jennifer Stone


Breast Cancer Res. 2022;24(49) 

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In summary, we have shown in one of the largest international studies to date that later age at menarche and increased adult height are both positively associated with measures of MD. The associations observed for height are in line with previous findings for associations with breast cancer risk, but those for menarche are in the opposite direction. These findings suggest that the association of age at menarche with breast cancer risk is not likely mediated through MD. Whether the well-established positive association of height with breast cancer risk is driven in whole or in part by elevated MD warrants further study. These results suggest a complex relationship between growth and development, MD and breast cancer risk.