The Pericapsular Nerve Group (PENG) Block Combined With Local Infiltration Analgesia (LIA) Compared to Placebo and LIA in Hip Arthroplasty Surgery

A Multi-center Double-blinded Randomized-controlled Trial

D.-Yin Lin; Brigid Brown; Craig Morrison; Nikolai S. Fraser; Cheryl S. L. Chooi; Matthew G. Cehic; David H. McLeod; Michael D. Henningsen; Nikolina Sladojevic; Hidde M. Kroon; Ruurd L. Jaarsma


BMC Anesthesiol. 2022;22(252) 

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Patients receiving an additional PENG block for analgesia during total hip arthroplasty experience less direct (Day 0) postoperative pain, with preserved quadriceps muscle strength and similar time to mobilization compared to patients having spinal anesthesia and local infiltration analgesia only. For total hip arthroplasty, the PENG block should be considered as part of multimodal analgesia.