Non-neoplastic Cystic Lesions of the Central Nervous System

Part 1: Developmental Cysts

Orest Kayder, MD; Hamed Kordbacheh, MD; Sai Srikar Kilaru, MD; Imad Zak, MD, FACR


Appl Radiol. 2022;51(4):21-26. 

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Abstract and Introduction


A variety of developmental and acquired intracranial cysts are frequently encountered on imaging. Knowledge of their imaging characteristics, localization, and clinical behavior improves diagnostic accuracy. In this first part of a two-part series, we review non-neoplastic, developmental cystic lesions, including prominent perivascular/Virchow-Robin spaces, epidermoid, dermoid, colloid cyst, arachnoid cyst, and Rathke cleft cysts. Epidemiologic and pathophysiologic features, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and radiologic characteristics for each will be discussed.