Outcomes of Patients Admitted to the ICU for Acute Stroke

A Retrospective Cohort

Thibaut Carval; Charlotte Garret; Benoôt Guillon; Jean-Baptiste Lascarrou; Maëlle Martin; Jérémie Lemarié; Julien Dupeyrat; Amélie Seguin; Olivier Zambon; Jean Reignier; Emmanuel Canet


BMC Anesthesiol. 2022;22(235) 

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Most patients admitted to the ICU for stroke had severely impaired consciousness, required mechanical ventilation, and were ineligible for acute-phase stroke therapy. Three fifths of patients died, and only one fifth had a good 6-month neurological outcome. Older age and worse consciousness impairment at ICU admission were independently associated with poorer outcomes. Further studies are needed to identify criteria for choosing the most appropriate level of ICU care in patients with acute stroke.