Closing the Hepatitis C Treatment Gap: United States Strategies to Improve Retention in Care

Austin T. Jones; Christopher Briones; Torrence Tran; Lisa Moreno-Walton; Patricia J. Kissinger


J Viral Hepat. 2022;29(8):588-595. 

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Ancillary Personnel: Care Coordinators and Patient Navigators

Care coordinators and patient navigators are allied healthcare personnel included in HCV treatment programmes to improve patient retention. These roles have been critical to HCV screening in EDs where care coordinators contact all HCV seropositive patients and schedule follow-up care for those chronically infected.[10] Care coordinators have also been used by ambulatory clinic settings that provide the full continuum of HCV services. In these settings, patient navigators maintain an active registry of all patients and their location in the care continuum, facilitating their progression towards achieving SVR.[30] Once connected to care, care coordinators can monitor patients' medication adherence and synchronize care among multiple healthcare providers.[35]

An economic evaluation of these services has calculated care coordination to be <$95 USD per patient, per month.[36] Studies to date involving HCV programmes using care coordinators have been descriptive in the benefit of these services. To increase the implementation of these services, additional studies are needed to quantify the improvement care coordinators and patient navigators produce in HCV linkage to and retention in care.