Automated Insulin Delivery: The Next Generation of Research

Greg Forlenza, MD; Mark Harmel, MPH, CDCES


August 23, 2022

This transcript has been edited for clarity.

As many of you start to incorporate automated insulin delivery systems into your practice, I think it's exciting to talk about the future of automated insulin delivery systems. Just as cell phone manufacturers don't come out with one model of a cell phone and then stop innovating, the diabetes technology companies continue to build on the innovations that you've already seen.

In our technology research team at the Barbara Davis Center, we're excited to start the next generation of automated insulin delivery research. This next round of research will involve systems that use cloud-based, real-time tuning of systems.

The parameters that we as providers continue to update in our visits will start to have some decision support from the manufacturers and some automated real-time tuning of those parameters for patients so that they can be updated every day or week and not every 3 months by us. It won't require the same level of provider expertise to tune the systems but will provide real-time feedback on what tuning is needed according to cloud-based data.

The other big thing that we have coming now is starting either close to fully closed-loop or actually fully closed-loop system research. We will likely see that users interacting with their system will continue to beat users not interacting with their system.

For users who want to take a step back, want to take a break from diabetes for a few days, want to go out on a Friday night and be like their peers, the systems will be able to provide automated meal dosing in a way that is robust, and as I like to say, provides an acceptable floor for diabetes control, where the level of control that will be achieved by the system alone will be very acceptable and better than the average control was 10 years ago.

It's exciting to see the previous generation now rolling out additional FDA approvals every few months and the next generation starting its research cycle so that hopefully within the next few years we're starting to bring cloud-based tuning and fully closed-loop systems to people with diabetes all over the world.

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