Implant Salvage in Patients With Severe Post-Fracture Fixation Surgical Site Infection Using Negative Pressure Wound Therapy With Intramedullary and Subcutaneous Antibiotic Perfusion

Keisuke Shimbo, MD, PhD; Tatsuhiko Saiki, MD; Haruka Kawamoto; Isao Koshima


Wounds. 2022;34(6):e47-e51. 

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Continuous local antibiotic perfusion around an infected orthopedic fixation device can be an ideal treatment for the patient with SSI after fracture fixation. The technique described herein may be effective in the setting of severe SSI after fracture fixation that includes dead space with a risk of bone infection. This technique can be improved, and further research is needed to compare the efficacy of this technique with that of conventional NPWTi-d and to better understand its applicability in surgical practice.