ASCO 2022: A Reflection on Data to Build On in Bladder Cancer

Cheryl Lee, MD


June 30, 2022

Cheryl Lee, MD, considers the updates on several studies presented at ASCO 2022, which, though not immediately practice-changing, offer encouraging glimpses of prospective bladder cancer treatments. Starting with a look at a report on the BAYOU study, Dr Lee notes how results of this trial, though not indicating significant therapeutic differences between the involved regimens, point to potential treatments for a subgroup of patients, those with DNA repair alterations.

Dr Lee also reviews the neoadjuvant setting, specifically a study on enfortumab vedotin (EV) as monotherapy for muscle-invasive disease that produced not only an impressive complete pathologic response, but also an equally impressive pathologic downstaging. Positive long-term data about EV are also mentioned, prompting an optimism regarding this antibody-drug conjugate as a treatment for locally advanced and metastatic bladder cancer, and, more generally, a solid sense of a base of research "to build on."


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