Impact of a Mediterranean Diet on Hepatic and Metabolic Outcomes in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

The Medina Randomised Controlled Trial

Elena S. George; Anjana Reddy; Amanda J. Nicoll; Marno C. Ryan; Catherine Itsiopoulos; Gavin Abbott; Nathan A. Johnson; Siddharth Sood; Stuart K. Roberts; Audrey C. Tierney


Liver International. 2022;42(6):1308-1322. 

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In this RCT in NAFLD subjects, there were no significant differences in IHL and metabolic parameters observed between-groups for the MedDiet compared to LFD. However, in the LFD arm there were significant reductions in IHL and metabolic parameters whereas these improvements were not significant in the MedDiet group. Significant improvements in visceral fat were seen in both groups. This study highlights that the provision of dietary interventions in free-living adults with NAFLD is challenging (ACTRN12615001010583).