Manufacturer Announces FDA Approval for Molluscum Treatment Delayed

Doug Brunk

May 25, 2022

The anticipated US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of VP-102 for the treatment of molluscum contagiosum has been delayed because of deficiencies identified at a contract manufacturing organization, according to Verrica Pharmaceuticals, which is developing the product.

VP-102 is a proprietary drug-device combination of cantharidin 0.7% administered through a single-use precision applicator, which has been evaluated in phase 3 studies of patients with molluscum aged 2 years and older. It features a visualization agent so the person applying the drug can see which lesions have been treated. It also contains a bittering agent to mitigate oral ingestion by children.

According to a May 24 press release from Verrica, the only deficiency listed in the FDA's complete response letter stemmed from a general reinspection of Sterling Pharmaceuticals Services, which manufactures Verrica's bulk solution drug product. Although none of the issues identified by the FDA during the reinspection were specific to the manufacturing of VP-102, FDA policy prevents approval of a new drug application when a contract manufacturing organization has an unresolved classification status or is placed on "official action indicated" status.

According to the press release, Verrica will "continue to work collaboratively" with the FDA to bring VP-102 to the market as soon as possible. The company has completed phase 2 studies of VP-102 for the treatment of common warts and for the treatment of external genital warts, the release said.

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