The Biological Basis of Disease Recurrence in Psoriasis

A Historical Perspective and Current Models

Lluís Puig; Antonio Costanzo; Ernesto J. Muñoz-Elías; Maria Jazra; Sven Wegner; Carle F. Paul; Curdin Conrad


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2022;186(5):773-781. 

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Role of Residual Disease 'Memory' in Psoriatic Lesion Recurrence

Effective treatment of psoriasis returns lesional skin to an apparently normal state, with a lack of clinically visible inflammation, normalized epidermal thickness, and reductions in inflammatory cellular infiltrates and disease-associated gene expression.[22,68] However, once therapy is discontinued, psoriatic skin lesions tend to recur at previously affected sites,[7] suggesting that residual disease may persist at the site of apparently healed lesions, predisposing individuals to recurrence in the same locations.