Adopting Permanent his Bundle Pacing

Learning Curves and Medium-term Outcomes

Jhobeleen De Leon; Swee-Chong Seow; Elaine Boey; Rodney Soh; Eugene Tan; Hiong Hiong Gan; Jie Ying Lee; Lisa Jie Ting Teo; Colin Yeo; Vern Hsen Tan; Pipin Kojodjojo


Europace. 2022;24(4):606-613. 

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HBP performed in in centres experienced in pacing was acutely successful in 81.1% of cases with failure more likely in broad QRS patients. Only 56.7% of patients in whom HBP was attempted had satisfactory HBP performance during follow-up. These findings have significant implications for battery longevity, and patient selection and use of HBP lead to cardiac resynchronization therapy.