Erenumab Dosage for Migraine Prevention

An Evidence-Based Narrative Review With Recommendations

Stewart J. Tepper MD; Huma U. Sheikh MD; Carrie O. Dougherty MD; Stephanie J. Nahas MD MSEd; Paul K. Winner DO; Ananda Krishna Karanam PhD; Andrew M. Blumenfeld MD; Ahmad Abdrabboh PharmD MPH; Soeren Rasmussen MD; Jamie L. Weiss PhD; Jessica Ailani MD


Headache. 2022;62(4):420-435. 

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Real-world Evidence

Real-world studies enable assessments of effectiveness and safety of clinical interventions in situations closer to everyday clinical practice. A study was performed to describe the early real-world use of erenumab in the US real-world practice, using the Practice Fusion ambulatory Electronic Health Record (PF EHR) database.[32] The study included 3336 de-identified individuals from the PF EHR database who were prescribed erenumab and met the study inclusion criteria. The mean age was 49.1 years, and the majority were women (85.9%). Most of the individuals were initially prescribed erenumab by neurologists or pain specialists (63.2%; n = 2108). Most of the 3336 individuals in the study initiated erenumab at the 70 mg dose (70 mg initiated in 2546 individuals [76.35%]; 140 mg initiated in 790 individuals [23.7%]). This real-world study showed that practice specialists largely prescribed erenumab at the dosage of 70 mg.