Erenumab Dosage for Migraine Prevention

An Evidence-Based Narrative Review With Recommendations

Stewart J. Tepper MD; Huma U. Sheikh MD; Carrie O. Dougherty MD; Stephanie J. Nahas MD MSEd; Paul K. Winner DO; Ananda Krishna Karanam PhD; Andrew M. Blumenfeld MD; Ahmad Abdrabboh PharmD MPH; Soeren Rasmussen MD; Jamie L. Weiss PhD; Jessica Ailani MD


Headache. 2022;62(4):420-435. 

In This Article


For this narrative review, we performed a literature search of PubMed, Embase, and Ovid MEDLINE(R) to retrieve English language journal articles reporting the results of randomized controlled studies of erenumab 70 and 140 mg for migraine prevention (EM and CM), as well as their open-label extensions (OLEs), subgroup analyses, exploratory analyses, and interim analyses (up to May 2021). Conference abstracts from the last 2 years of erenumab 70 and 140 mg were also retrieved. The key search terms included migraine, AMG 334, AMG334, erenumab, erenumab-aooe, and Aimovig. The definitions used for the purpose of this literature review are available in Table 2.[10,12–19]