What to Get the Mom/Doc in Your Life This Mother's Day

Sophia Tolliver, MD


May 06, 2022

What do you gift the mother who has it all — and maybe a bit too much on her plate? As Mother's Day approaches, consider getting Mom something she'll cherish past celebration day, something she'll appreciate any day of the year.


Often we are so busy, we don't take the time to verbalize how much the moms in our lives mean to us. Tell her how beautiful she is every chance you get. Remind her how much she means to you; now is the time to lay it on thick. In this action, you simultaneously ask for forgiveness and provide pseudo-restitution for the moments when thanks or gratitude was forgotten. Write it down so that she remembers even when you don't.


Repeat after me: I will not ask mom to do anything on Mother's Day.

Not the laundry, not the dishes, not one single meal. Not anything. Allow her to spend the day as she pleases — free from any expectations of what she should be doing. If you have the luxury to do so, take the lead on managing the kids and the house. Gather anyone who isn't Mom and get them out of the house to give her another gift: space.


Ah, yes. A quiet room or house allows mom to fully luxuriate in the absence of you. Yes, you. You with your questions and requests for food and sustenance, to sustain life and nurture growth 365 days per year. Don't get us wrong: Mothers teach a master class on unconditional love and dedication every day of the week. But not today. Inquire when she would like some alone time. I guarantee she'll answer.

Gift the Heart

Oh, you didn't really think you would be totally free from any material responsibility, did you? If you were listening at any point of your life together, chances are Mom has dropped hints, discussed dreams and desires, and frequents places that she enjoys. Pay attention!

Give her something she likes. Leave the vacuum cleaner and clothing steamer at Macy's. Give her a desire from her heart, not an online listicle or outdated catalog. What speaks to her core? For some, this could be as simple as her favorite perfume. Others might enjoy a neat gadget of some sort. And some might prefer experiences, like travel or an adventure to a new restaurant. Still don't know what to get her? Ask yourself: What is that thing she likes to do when no one else is around? That — get that.


For some of you, Mom may prefer to have you nearby during Mother's Day. If so, keep the conversation engaging and focused on learning more about her; let her talk about whatever she wants. Give up the remote — relinquish control! Here's a thought: Ask her what she would like to watch. Chances are Mom would like to eat something on her special day, so plan ahead. Breakfast in bed? A thoughtful lunch? A decadent dinner at her favorite locale? Give her the freedom of having to think of every next step of the day. Surprise her — and not just on Mother's Day.


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