Digital PCR Applications for the Diagnosis and Management of Infection in Critical Care Medicine

Irene Merino; Amanda de la Fuente; Marta Domínguez-Gil; José María Eiros; Ana P. Tedim; Jesús F. Bermejo-Martín


Crit Care. 2022;26(63) 

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We searched PudMed combining the following MESH terms: "digital PCR", "digital droplet PCR", "droplet digital PCR" and "droplet PCR" with "ICU", "critical AND infection", "critically ill AND infection", "severe infection", "critical care", "pneumoniae", "ventilator-associated pneumoniae", "ventilator", "ventilation", "sepsis", "septic shock", "bloodstream infections", "skin and soft tissue infections", "necrotizing fasciitis", "peritonitis", "invasive pulmonary aspergillosis". We found a total of 487 PubMed articles. Only articles in English were considered. Using PMID we excluded duplicated articles appearing in more than one search, obtaining a total of 198 articles. We screened these articles for relevance and excluded 166 for the reasons mentioned in Figure 1. Finally, thirty-two articles were included in this review (Table 1). These articles were further divided in two groups, one focused on the pathogens—diagnosis of infection, prognosis and treatment guidance (n = 23)—and the other focused on the host response to infection (n = 9).

Figure 1.

PRISMA diagram