How Decompression Surgery Improves the Lower Back Pain in Patient with Lumbar Degenerative Stenosis

A Propensity-Score-Matched Analysis

Mitsuru Yagi, MD, PhD; Satoshi Suzuki, MD, PhD; Satoshi Nori, MD, PhD; Yohei Takahashi, MD, PhD; Osahiko Tsuji, MD, PhD; Narihito Nagoshi, MD, PhD; Masaya Nakamura, MD, PhD; Morio Matsumoto, MD, PhD; Kota Watanabe, MD, PhD


Spine. 2022;47(7):557-564. 

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In the present study, we clearly described that decompression surgery for LSS significantly improved LBP. Among the patients analyzed, female patients and patients who had baseline severe LBP were likely to have persistent LBP. However, when male and female patients were propensity score matched for background, LBP improved similarly after surgery. Although LBP in patients with LSS improved with decompression surgery, patients with severe baseline pain may need further evaluation for their mental status at least before surgery because these patients are likely to have psychological problems that potentially contribute to persistent LBP.