A Case of a Rare Branching Pattern in the Carotid Artery

Ayumi Sakai, MD; Kazunobu Hashikawa, MD, PhD; Akiko Sakakibara, MD, PhD; Nobuyuki Murai, MD; Tadashi Nomura, MD, PhD; Masaya Akashi, MD, PhD; Hiroto Terashi, MD, PhD


ePlasty. 2022;22(ic1) 

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The authors encountered a case in which selection of an anastomotic artery was difficult because of the rare branching pattern of the carotid artery. Therefore, it should be noted that the FA, LA, and STA sometimes form a common trunk together and that the STA tends to originate from the CCA when the CB exists at a higher level, and an exceptional case in which the STA originates from the CCA at greater than 2 cm proximal to the CB should be considered. Sufficient knowledge of the branching pattern of the carotid artery and its location with the surrounding tissue is important to ensure safe free flap surgery with the ability to adapt to a rare branching pattern.