COVID-19 Risks: MIS-C and Under-Vaccination

Bernice D. Mowery, PhD, RN


Pediatr Nurs. 2021;47(6):303-304. 

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COVID-19 Vaccination Field Guide: 12 Strategies for Your Community

The CDC (2021) recently published the field guide, COVID-19 Vaccination Field Guide: 12 Strategies for Your Community to provide an evidence-based approach to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence and uptake using implementation science strategies. Although the guide is long (48 pages), the table of contents makes it easy to locate information. It is divided into three primary sections: Common Barriers, Under standing Your Community, and Vaccine Confidence and Uptake Strategies. The guide also includes group exercises for community projects and successful examples of proposed strategies, such as using schools for vaccination sites. Additionally, there are helpful hyperlinks from the electronic version, such as to supporting articles and resources. The theoretical model used is the World Health Organization's Behavioral and Social Drivers (BeSD) Framework, which addresses the thinking and feeling and social process factors affecting motivation to get vaccinated, and practical issues, such as availability, affordability, and ease of access.

With nurses being the largest group of health care professionals and also recognized as being trusted, comes responsibility for nurses to know scientific information about COVID-19 and vaccinations, as well as common misinformation (untrue information shared by people not intending to mislead) and disinformation (false information generated with malicious intent [CDC, 2021, p. 7]). Information in the COVID-19 Vaccination Field Guide (CDC, 2021) can assist nurses with this information and how to best help parents and communities make informed decisions about COVID-19 vaccination for themselves and their children.