Risk Factors for Deliberate Self-harm and Suicide Among Adolescents and Young Adults With First-Episode Psychosis

Aubrey M. Moe; Elyse Llamocca; Heather M. Wastler; Danielle L. Steelesmith; Guy Brock; Jeffrey A. Bridge; Cynthia A. Fontanella


Schizophr Bull. 2022;48(2):414-424. 

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Conclusions and Implications for Clinical Practice

Individuals with FEP are at high risk for self-harm and suicide. Early recognition of risk factors for suicidal behavior may guide more precise clinical recognition of, and intervention for, those at highest risk. As risk for DSH is most elevated during the first several months following diagnosis, efforts to quickly connect youth with early intervention services may be an important strategy to address risk. Importantly, our study demonstrates that though adolescents and young adults with FEP have shared risk factors for DSH and suicide, these developmental groups also have unique risk factors that provide preliminary clinical guidance for understanding and managing risk among youth presenting with FEP. Thus, in addition to replicating previous findings with regard to factors related to risk for DSH, our findings extend previous work by providing additional guidance on who and when individuals with FEP are at highest risk for DSH.