Hantavirus Disease and COVID-19

Evaluation of the Hantavirus 5-Point Screen in 139 COVID-19 Patients

Allison K. Joyce, MSc; Tarrah T. Oliver; Aaron D. Kofman, MD; Donna L. Talker; Shahrokh Safaeian; Deniz Peker Barclift, MD; Adam J. Perricone, MD, PhD; Shawn M. D'Andrea, MD; Amy N. Whitesell, MPH; Del Yazzie, MPH; Jeannette Guarner, MD; Mozafar Saleki, MS; Glynnis B. Ingall, MD, PhD; Mary J. Choi, MD; Ramona Antone-Nez, MPH


Am J Clin Pathol. 2022;157(3):470-475. 

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In conclusion, we validated the use of the 5-point screen as a screening tool for immediate decision making in remote areas. We found that patients positive for COVID-19 receive low scores on the hantavirus 5-point screen, thus validating its use as a rapid tool to differentiate between these two disease entities in hantavirus endemic areas.