Should Q-CT Be the Gold Standard for Detecting Spinal Osteoporosis?

Arvind G. Kulkarni, MS; Yeshwanth Thonangi, MS; Sharukh Pathan, MS; Sharvari Gunjotikar, MS; Praveen Goparaju, MS; Inder Talwar, MD; Sunila Jaggi, MD; Sonali Shah, MD; Neha Shah, MD; Girish Kursija, DMRD


Spine. 2022;47(6):E258-E264. 

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Q-CT gives more precise estimation of cancellous bone mineral density than DXA. With the reliance on DXA for spinal BMD estimation being questionable, new standards have to be established for spinal osteoporosis evaluation. The common observation that a considerable proportion of fragility fractures are seen in non-osteoporotics can be just the tip of the iceberg due to undue dependence on DXA. Q-CT should replace DXA as the gold standard for the evaluation of spinal osteoporosis.