Use of Ebola Vaccine: Expansion of Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to Include two Additional Populations — United States, 2021

Jason H. Malenfant, MD; Allison Joyce, MSc; Mary J. Choi, MD; Caitlin M. Cossaboom, DVM, PhD; Amy N. Whitesell, MPH; Brian H. Harcourt, PhD; Robert L. Atmar, MD; Julie M. Villanueva, PhD; Beth P. Bell, MD; Christine Hahn, MD; Jamie Loehr, MD; Richard T. Davey, MD; Armand Sprecher, MD; Colleen S. Kraft, MD; Trevor Shoemaker, PhD; Joel M. Montgomery, PhD; Rita Helfand, MD; Inger K. Damon, MD, PhD; Sharon E. Frey, MD; Wilbur H. Chen, MD


Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2022;71(8):290-292. 

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Similar to the initial groups for whom the vaccine was recommended in February 2020, the decision to recommend preexposure vaccination in these groups was based on the following conditions: 1) documented protective efficacy of the vaccine against the development of symptomatic EVD, 2) high mortality and severity of illness in persons infected with Ebola virus, 3) high transmissibility of Ebola virus, 4) EVD-related sequelae in survivors, 5) the potential for continued disease transmission and disease recrudescence, and 6) an acceptable safety profile relative to the severity of Ebola virus infection.