What Problems Associated With Ageing Are Seen in a Specialist Service for Older People Living With HIV?

Howell T. Jones; Alim Samji; Nigel Cope; Joanne Williams; Leonie Swaden; Abhishek Katiyar; Fiona Burns; Aisha McClintock-Tiongco; Margaret Johnson; Tristan J. Barber


HIV Medicine. 2022;23(3):259-267. 

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Although older people living with HIV are a heterogeneous group, frailty is common and appears to present earlier. Our data demonstrate a high prevalence of affective and cognitive symptoms within this cohort. HIV services either need to adapt to meet these additional needs or must support users in transitioning to existing services. We feel that our multidisciplinary model of incorporating geriatricians, HIV physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, HIV specialist pharmacists and HIV specialist nurses into a single clinic is successful in identifying problems associated with ageing with HIV and, funding permitting, may be successfully replicated elsewhere depending on local clinic size, demographics and need.