Robots Can Sense Touch and Check Blood Pressure

By Medscape Staff

February 15, 2022

Small robots are now able to take a patient's blood pressure through humanoid-sensing touch, creating an important new healthcare tool by Simon Fraser University researcher Woo Soo Kim.   

What to know:

  • Scientists have replaced the traditional blood pressure procedure by replicating the folding mechanisms of leeches into their design of 3-D printable origami sensors.

  • The leech-inspired origami (LIO) can be integrated onto the fingertips of a humanoid-sensing robot allowing for minimal personal contact with the patient.

  • The LIO dry electrode has unique characteristics such as suction for grasping and foldability.

  • Robotics offer a promising method to mitigate risk and improve patient care.

  • Robotics could be essential in the future of remote healthcare by being able to carry out basic health care tasks in certain conditions, including in remote regions, or where minimal personal contact should be implemented, such as during pandemics.

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