An Introduction and Guide to Becoming a Social Media Savvy Nephrologists

Natasha N. Dave; Matthew A. Sparks; Samira S. Farouk


Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2022;37(1):14-20. 

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Nephrologists can leverage social media to build a brand, champion a cause, reach a target audience, and both interact and collaborate with a global community. Establishment of a strong digital presence can enhance one's career offline in a multitude of ways. Nephrologists should view social media as a tool to learn, strengthen collaborations, lift up others and share their voice.[12] Social media provides one with a network and opportunities beyond one's current institution that can translate into collaborations, inclusion on national committees, speaking invitations, and academic opportunities including manuscripts and research projects.[16] Furthermore, online activities are now being recognized by large academic institutions as scholarly work that is required for academic promotion and tenure.[44] Outside of academic institutions, successful social media marketing of oneself or one's practice may increase business and patient referrals.[52,53] As the use of social media continues to grow, there are important limitations to consider. For instance, as the number of people engaging in conversations online grows, the risk of message dilution increases. Another limitation is whether or not a specific platform (e.g. Twitter or Facebook) will continue to exist, thus, taking the medium away from the conversation completely. We suggest that the future will continue to be dominated by applications that allow for a global conversation. With an understanding of its basics and potential pitfalls, nephrologists of all levels may learn to harness the power of social media for education, collaboration, conversation and self-expression.