An Introduction and Guide to Becoming a Social Media Savvy Nephrologists

Natasha N. Dave; Matthew A. Sparks; Samira S. Farouk


Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2022;37(1):14-20. 

In This Article

Digital Scholarship and Career Advancement

We posit that digital scholarship and social media can be effectively harnessed for career advancement, though some may argue that time spent on social media is ultimately detrimental to scholarship production and academic promotion.[43–45] Social media users can create bona fide digital scholarship, engage in national and international conversations, create multinational and diverse collaborations, and deploy educational curricula and research findings to a much larger and broader audience. In fact, social media engagement with one's research (alternative metrics or Altmetrics) is now publicly reported and a measure of the impact of one's scholarly work.[46] Digital scholarship can similarly be described by numbers of subscribers, content downloads, and online visitors and views. Notably, institutions are now recognizing and encouraging online content creation that can be included in one's 'curriculum vitae' and used for academic promotion.[39,42]

Nephrologists can leverage social media to build their own brand or niche, reach target audiences and collaborate with others. One can gain both credibility and visibility with consistent and focused creation, curation and sharing. Establishing a robust digital presence can enhance one's career 'offline' in a multitude of ways and open doors to invitations to speak, join committees or editorial board positions, and find new research collaborations leading to publications leading to career advancement.