COVID-19 and Chronic Diabetes: The Perfect Storm for Reactivation Tuberculosis?

A Case Series

Genesis P. Aguillón-Durán; Ericka Prieto-Martínez; Doris Ayala; Juan García Jr.; John M. Thomas III; Juan Ignacio García; Brandon Michael Henry; Jordi B. Torrelles; Joanne Turner; Eder Ledezma-Campos; Blanca I. Restrepo


J Med Case Reports. 2021;15(621) 

In This Article


Our findings alert to the heightened risk of M. tuberculosis reactivation among COVID-19 patients with a history of chronic and poorly controlled diabetes. In light of our findings, further research is needed to elucidate the underlying mechanisms and identify those who may be at highest risk, for targeted monitoring and management. In the meantime, we suggest a framework for new guidelines to prevent active TB in individuals affected with the COVID-19 and diabetes.