Management of Unicondylar Tibial Plateau Fractures: A Review

Daniel Warren, BS; Grayson Domingue, MD; John T. Riehl, MD


Curr Orthop Pract. 2022;33(1):85-93. 

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Deforming Forces and Biomechanics

Medial unicondylar fractures are less stable than lateral unicondylar fractures and are more likely to fall into varus malalignment after either conservative or operative management.[14] Lateral fractures may fall into valgus malalignment at a lower rate and with less severe magnitude compared with fractures of the medial plateau.[14] The decreased rate of deformity of the lateral condyle is caused by the fibular support of the lateral fragment and relative lack of support of the medial condyle fragment. When the fibula is compromised, rates of lateral condyle deformity are significantly increased (Figure 1).[15]

Figure 1.

Fibular support of lateral condyle; comparison of medial and lateral condyle support. Illustration by Lauren Domingue.