Inflammation in Migraine…or Not…: A Critical Evaluation of the Evidence

Andrew Charles MD; Sinifunanya E. Nwaobi MD, PhD; Peter Goadsby MD, PhD


Headache. 2021;61(10):1575-1578. 

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Abstract and Introduction


Virtually every disease is now described as having "inflammation" as a mechanism. Changes in a wide variety of environmental and physiological parameters including sleep, exercise, and diet are also described as modulating inflammation. Based on broad definitions of inflammation, one could argue that it is a fundamental mechanism of nearly all physiological and pathological processes. A problem with this characterization, however, is that at some point, the term becomes so nonspecific as to lose meaning. This is not simply a semantic issue because misunderstanding and misuse of this terminology can distract from true understanding of disease mechanisms, and thereby delay progress in a field.