Managing Incidental Findings

Valeria Makeeva, MD; Kirsten Schofield, MS; Melissa Davis, MBA, MD; Nadja Kadom, MD


Appl Radiol. 2021;50(6):22-26. 

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Future Directions

Ensuring completion of follow-up recommendations for AIFs is important, given the large number of patients affected and the relatively high yield of clinically relevant diagnoses in this cohort. Missing such diagnoses, particularly with respect to cancer, is devastating for patients and represents a medicolegal risk to radiology practices.

Several studies have shown the feasibility of tracking systems for radiology follow-up recommendations, resulting in significant improvements in follow-up completion rates. However, the development of IT tools that support each step of the tracking workflow and that can easily be integrated with existing workflow technologies are urgently needed to make tracking programs more affordable and reliable. Tracking systems largely do not meet patients' needs, thereby limiting patient engagement and compliance with radiology follow-up recommendations.