Managing Incidental Findings

Valeria Makeeva, MD; Kirsten Schofield, MS; Melissa Davis, MBA, MD; Nadja Kadom, MD


Appl Radiol. 2021;50(6):22-26. 

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Fully Automated Tracking

Full tracking automation would be able to mine reports for AIFs based on descriptors used by the radiologist; insert appropriate follow-up recommendations into the report; transfer cases into a tracking data base, search electronic medical records for follow-up completion; send reminders for any pending follow-up; assist with scheduling, and issue a final alert should a completed follow-up not be identified. While some NLP-based methods have been developed, dashboard review, closed-loop provider and/or patient messaging systems, and scheduling tools, and comprehensive tools supporting the entire tracking process for the breadth of incidental finding types remain lacking.