Efficacy and Safety of a Hyaluronic Acid–Containing Cream in the Treatment of Chronic, Venous, or Mixed-Origin Leg Ulcers

A Prospective, Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial

Jacek Mikosinski, MD, PhD; Anna Di Landro, MD; Karolina Kasztalska-Kazmierczak, PhD; Emilie Soriano, MSc, PharmD; Carol Caverzasio, MSc; Daniela Binelli, MStat; Bruno Falissard, MD, PhD; Olivier Dereure, MD, PhD


Wounds. 2021;33(11):285-295. 

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Although a number of appropriate measures were implemented to minimize bias in this randomized controlled study, there remain several limitations to consider. Stratification by ulcer duration was not undertaken at baseline; however, as a known potential confounding variable, it was analyzed as an explanatory variable during the logistic regression analysis. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of the treatment was not assessed. Because all subjects were recruited in Poland, the generalizability of the results to other countries should consider differences in health care system resourcing and organization in other countries.