Psoriasis Education Tool for Patient-physician Decision-making About Biologics

A Pilot Study

Marissa Nahirney, BHSc; Matthew Hum, MD, CCFP; Pamela Mathura, MBA; Marlene Dytoc, MD, PhD, FRCPC


Skin Therapy Letter. 2021;26(6) 

In This Article


Counseling patients to start biologics is a complex task. As medicine is moving towards empowering patients, presenting a large amount of information about biologics may be intimidating to them. Our study suggests that the use of a visual aid may help patients better retain information during counseling and reduce anxiety and uncertainty when starting biologic treatment. This visual aid may also be useful for dermatologists, wherein the consolidated information will allow them to compare biologic options, in addition to promoting open communication with patients about treatment options. Developing tools to facilitate patient satisfaction in an otherwise daunting clinical experience may contribute to better patient outcomes.