Management of Stage I Testicular Cancer

Jerusha Padayachee; Roderick Clark; Padraig Warde; Robert J. Hamilton


Curr Opin Urol. 2022;32(1):17-23. 

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Virtual Consults

It has been recognized that frequent hospital visits on the active surveillance program can be time consuming and discouraging for patients. As such, there has been increasing interest in the incorporation of virtual consults in this setting. The WATCHmAN trial is currently assessing this approach at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Presented in abstract form, an interim analysis of this randomized trial of virtual consults versus in-person visits, suggests that virtual care is safe and feasible, with more patients compliant to the active surveillance schedule in the virtual care arm.[53] This would also allow for willingness to partake in regionalization of care, eliminating the burden of travel for patients.