Impact of COVID-19 Infection on the Outcome of Patients With Ischemic Stroke

Joan Martí-Fàbregas, MD, PhD; Daniel Guisado-Alonso, MD; Raquel Delgado-Mederos, MD, PhD; Alejandro Martínez-Domeño, MD; Luis Prats-Sánchez, MD, PhD; Marina Guasch-Jiménez, MD; Pere Cardona, MD; Ana Núñez-Guillén, MD; Manuel Requena, MD; Marta Rubiera, MD, PhD; Marta Olivé, MD; Alejandro Bustamante, MD; Meritxell Gomis, MD, PhD; Sergio Amaro, MD, PhD; Laura Llull, MD, PhD; Xavier Ustrell, MD; Gislaine Castilho de Oliveira, RN; Laia Seró, MD; Manuel Gomez-Choco, MD, PhD; Luis Mena, MD; Joaquín Serena, MD, PhD; Saima Bashir Viturro, MD; Francisco Purroy, MD, PhD; Mikel Vicente, MD; Ana Rodríguez-Campello, MD, PhD; Angel Ois, MD, PhD; Esther Catena, MD; Maria Carmen Garcia-Carreira, MD; Oriol Barrachina, MD; Ernest Palomeras, MD, PhD; Jerzky Krupinski, MD, PhD; Marta Almeria, MD; Josep Zaragoza, MD; Patricia Esteve, MD; Dolores Cocho, MD, PhD; Antia Moreira, MD; Cecile van Eendenburg, MD; Javier Emilio Codas, MD; Natalia Pérez de la Ossa, MD, PhD; Mercè Salvat, RN; Pol Camps-Renom, MD, PhD


Stroke. 2021;52(12):3908-3917. 

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Our study illustrates the characteristics of ischemic stroke with concomitant COVID-19 infection, focusing in its prognosis, establishes the relative frequency of this infection at a single historical moment, and reports the logistical difficulties that occurred during the peak of the pandemic. Future studies will allow us to establish whether the physiopathology of this subtype of stroke is different from that of stroke without infection, whether patients should receive specific treatment and how the health system should adapt in the face of a threat such as the one we have suffered. It is important to emphasize that, despite a higher mortality, it seems that in patients with ischemic stroke there are no persistent effects of the viral infection that prevent a favourable recovery, or at least this probability is the same as that of patients who have suffered the stroke but without the COVID-19 infection.