Successful Management of Complex Pediatric and Neonatal Wounds With Methylene Blue and Gentian Violet Foam Dressings

Vita Boyar, MD


Wounds. 2021;33(10):253-259. 

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Materials and Methods

Methylene blue and gentian violet PVA foam or MB/GV PU foam with moisture-retentive backing dressings were used (Hydrofera Blue Ready, Hydrofera Blue Classic; Hydrofera, LLC). Dressings were cut to shape. Polyvinyl alcohol foam was hydrated as needed. Depending on the wound, a secondary dressing was also used. Dressings were changed every 2 to 3 days. Wounds with thick slough underwent gentle mechanical debridement if indicated. Enzymatic debrider (Collagenase; Smith & Nephew) was added in cases 3, 7, and 8 to lift slough synergistically with the foam dressing. During therapy, 3 patients received systemic antibiotics, which were prescribed to address systemic comorbidities that predated the wounds.