Underdiagnosis of Obstructive Lung Disease

Findings From the French CONSTANCES Cohort

Marie-Christine Delmas; Laetitia Bénézet; Céline Ribet; Yuriko Iwatsubo; Marie Zins; Rachel Nadif; Nicolas Roche; Bénédicte Leynaert


BMC Pulm Med. 2021;21(319) 

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The underdiagnosis of OLD is very common among adults in France. Many remain undiagnosed despite the significant burden of respiratory symptoms. Underdiagnosis affects not only people with mild airflow limitation but also those with more severe disease. This study highlights the need to reduce the underdiagnosis of OLD in the French population. Efforts should be made to raise awareness about OLD and respiratory symptoms in the general population through national campaigns using various media. Promoting the use of spirometry among primary care professionals along with more systematic screening for symptoms using structured questionnaires should also improve OLD diagnosis.