Effects of Gestational Weight Gain on Delivery Outcomes in an Obese, Low-Income Population

Allison Archer Sellner, MD; Abigail Hook Garbarino, MD, DiMiao, PhD; Lisa Marie Hollier, MD, MPH; Bani Maheshwari Ratan, MD


South Med J. 2021;114(11):686-691. 

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As weight gain guidelines are stratified in BMI increments of 5 for a BMI <30, it may be appropriate to additionally stratify weight gain guidelines for those patients with a BMI >30. It also is important to take into account other maternal comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus when examining weight gain trends and fetal outcomes. With the aim of determining whether our current weight gain guidelines for pregnancy need to be changed, additional studies, some potentially prospective in nature, should be performed.